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This comic, doujinshi (original comic), manga, web comic, whatever you want to call it is the last in a series of novels I have started. I've always wanted to experiment with the comic medium and this has given me the chance to do so. Originally I had this up as a comic drawn with a tablet, but I can't get the detail I want that way with my limited technical means (aka crap tablet). I've also recently started working with the G-Pen and am looking into hand inking this project when it's uploaded. I don't really have any influences as I worked hard to develop my art style, but I have always been a fan of Yoshitoshi ABe's works and I greatly admire Hiromu Arakawa's determination. This story originally began as a coming-of-age story... I hope it can still hold that buried under symbolism and pain. The main theme is redemption. I'd like to touch on the themes of forgiveness, growing up, letting go, and what death is, what happens when we die. I hope you enjoy my work! S. Walden PS Please check out the RPG Maker VX version of the story... here!