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Age: 17
Weapons: Glaives and Lances
Affinity: Holy, then Necro
Description: Matthew is a troubled boy who just wants to find out why he's been dragged into this strange world, aka how he died. He is softspoken (leaving the player to determine much of his personality) and starts off as somewhat of a pessimist, but around others is where his personality really shines. He's loyal, determined, sarcastic, and sometimes womanizing when he finds his comfort zone. He always puts everyone else, good or bad, above himself. Family is also very important to him which plays a major role in the plot later on as you find his mother, father, and sister have also been dragged into this world too. He also wonders where he fits in in this world as he is not like the humans around towns, nor is he one of the many races, angel, demon, ect.
He finds joy in doing simple things like being with friends or listening to music.


Age: 25
Weapons: Handguns
Affinity: AquaIce
Description: ShindoW is one of Matthew's friends from his past. She is part of the rebel group called the Charcoal Feathers who aim to restore the world to it's once peaceful state. She can come off as a very cold person, but deep down she is weak and haunted by a past she couldn't even shake when she was alive, leading to her suicide (now evident by her punishment-- a gun bolted into her right hand and the scar across her left eye and undersized wings). Now, she is paying the price and joins Matthew in his quest to find his friends as she looks for her own reasons, namely, to find her little brother who was murdered when ShindoW was only ten. She has been
known to bubble with girlyness when she's happy. She also loves orange tabby cats and potatoes.

Age: 20s
Weapons: Rods
Affinity: Holy
Description: Angel is a stubborn, somewhat naive girl with a love for cooking. Although she takes the form of an angel, she was a witch in life. She was also ShindoW's true love whose life was cut short at the age of 15. She now runs a restaraunt in Perception, making the best of what's she was given. She has a temper (especially around Scott who is constantly hitting on her) and has a love for adventure. She's mostly shy and kind, though, which was what drew ShindoW to her. 

Age: 40s
Weapons: Swords
Affinity: Pyro
Description: Meloni is newly awakened like Matthew. He was a cop in his past life and that carries on into his new persona of Sandalphon, the ruler of a small desert kingdom with a great army. Reincarnated into this great angel, he can easily uphold his values of what is right and using any means to make things just. He serves as a mentor to Matthew, even having been involved with the boy's childhood to a degree. Although he keeps the reason secret to protect Matthew, it may end up biting him later. He was a father to ShindoW and they in turn have their own issues with one another that need resolving, such as ShindoW's early leave in life. He also has family ties to this world, as he is the one responsible for the death of his own parents when he was alive.
Age: 30s
Weapons: Knives
Affinity: Necro, then Holy
Description: Scott is ShindoW's brother and used to be a famous musician turned serial killer. Matthew once idolized him. Meloni was the cop assigned to Scott's case which eventually resulted in Scott's death. He is found in his own hide away in the Jungle of Jericho in Adelphos, a building of rain and gloom. All of his siblings gone in life and his regrets for many actions give him what would appear to be a depressed demeanor, but he hides it with what's left of his insanity: sarcasm, womanizing, and his skill with a knife. He is almost never seen not smoking, a habit carried over from life.
Star / Melody
Age: Unknown
Weapons: Dolls
Description: Star, also known as Melody when she lost her memory, was once Scott's first true love. When he chose his sister over her, she sought him out and ended up being one of his final victims. She is now wandering the world of Perception seeking a boyfriend alongside her pet panda doll, Mr. Bubblesworthington, who also has a camera installed inside him. When she is found in the Tri-Arc Ruins, she is searching for the love of her life, but who that is is up to the player to decide. Star can also lead the group to her hometown, a large hidden village of Drag-Ons, dragon like people who need an heir.

Age: 16
Weapons: Staves, Wands
Affinity: All magic
Description: Meru is one of Matthew's friends from the present. She is infatuated with him and holds herself to very high standards. She can be very moody, but proper. She only wants to be perfect in every sense, as her aunt taught her to be. When Matthew tries to convince her to return home she declines, relishing her place as queen of the Dome Kingdom. However, her bulemia in life is catching up to her in the form of wraiths that haunt her every move. If she can't overcome her own self image, she may be taken alive by the darkness in Perception. This is only made worse when she discovers her aunt is the second most powerful devil in Perception, making her choose between her old ways of selfishness or her newfound ways of true happiness.

Age: 16
Weapons: Spice Bottles
Affinity: N/A
Description: Pirro, a slightly chubby boy with a major crush on Meru and Matthew's best friend, is found inside Meru's castle, locked in one of her dungeons. He has some bad past with Matthew, but puts it aside when they work together to try and convince Meru to join them, to go back to the lives they miss. Pirro hides his seriousness under a comic relief persona. He is quick on his feet, though, finding a job as a traveling spice salesman so he could travel Perception to find Meru.

Weapons: Scythes
Affinity: Necro
Description: Dream is the Valkyrie's loyal friend, a reaper. Reapers are beings who can transform between humans, a black dragon, or a raven. They guide the dead and provide companionship during limbo. Dream is calm, collected, but optimistic. He has a hatred for witches because one destroyed his village, nearly exterminating his people, and this is where his anger shines. Otherwise, he is very heartfelt and tries to help the people of Perception return to normal by helping lead the resistance.

Weapons: Lazer
Affinity: Cyba
Description: Olivar is an orange tabby transformed by the demons' technology. He is now able to fly and communicate with others. He is looking for his "Mom", a girl named Alice. He seems to recognize several of the characters, albiet under different circumstances-- from another dimension! He's lazy and loves to eat, but is a valuable asset in battle due to his Cybamancing.

Weapons: Tarot
Description: Duckie is Matthew's little sister. Due to circumstances unknown she is also in this world, seeking her brother. She seems to have an unnatural attraction to him that he despises and Duckie wants nothing more to grow up too fast into a woman her family can appreciate, rather than a kid that can't do anything. Her discovery of what she is and how she ties to this world is a major plot twist. She is also very difficult to recruit and aids in a further understanding of the plot. Duckie is spunky and obscessed with the morbid.

*there are 2 secret characters I won't reveal here ^^ One is a werewolf, the other is a time/dimension traveler.